New Real Hero Requests

As I release a new image every month for Real Hero Club subscribers, I'm very interested in creating the heroes that will help and inspire you the most. We've created this page so you can leave requests and suggestions for future heroes and releases.

If you have an idea or a favorite hero that you'd like to see released in the near future, please comment their name and the story or scene in which you would like to see them portrayed. Feel free to leave possible bullet points and passages that could go on the back of the card! All of 2021's releases will be from D&C/Church History, but feel free to comment ideas for Book of Mormon, Bible, and American history heroes as well!

If you're interested in seeing what heroes have already been released, feel free to browse the following links!

Book of Mormon - Church History - Bible American History - Jesus Christ

Thanks so much for your support! If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Have a great day!

-Steve Nethercott


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  • How about Sarai/Sarah, Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother?

  • As the growth of the church explodes in sub-Saharan Africa, it would be great to share the stories of the pioneers of the church in those areas. I have connections with the couple missionaries there who can connect you to those incredibly inspirational brothers and sisters. Email me if you are interested in that contact info. Love your work! Thanks :)

    LaReita Berky
  • How about Joseph Smith’s bodyguard?

  • Here are a few more after reading other posts:

    Emma Smith (you HAVE to do Emma:)
    Any women from scriptures not already done (prophetess Elisha, Deborah, Ruth and Naomi, Rachel and Leah…)
    Wives of prophets from each book of scripture
    All Latter Day prophets
    The Godhead (yes…including the Holy Spirit)
    Adam and Eve
    Other inspirational people (especially women) such as Mother Theresa

    And not people but…

    International Places of Religious Significance (from anytime in history like Gethsememe, Kirkland, etc.)

  • Hi, Have you considered doing a series on Black History which could include some church history figures like Jane Elizabeth Manning? Do this then do a part 2 for the American History with figures such as Barack Obama?

    Have you considered doing a series on inspirational people from other religions such as Mother Theresa? Or a series of cards on Miracles not already done in the previous sets? (ie think of the movie 17 miracles for examples and this could be done for each book of scripture…ie miracles from the New Testament) Another suggestion is doing a series of cards for our current First Presidency and Apostles…then expand to the leaders in other callings like the Young Women Presidency or Relief Society Presidency.

    I will add more as I think on this….great question!


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