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Our purpose here at Real Hero Studios is to inspire others come unto Christ. Over the years, we have very much enjoyed the stories that people have shared with us how Real Hero Artwork has helped them! We'd love to hear your experiences with too! Feel free to share your story in the comments below. Thanks so much for your support!

-Steve Nethercott


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  • I love these cards- I have been collecting the cards in a binder for my grandkids for Christmas and just got the newest one. It is beautiful, Christ in America, they are beautiful pictures and give you an amazing image to put in your mind for the scripture stories. I love every postcard I have seen and am so grateful I started this series.

  • First, the Artwork; You have been blessed with a great gift. Doing what you are now is a True Mission that will touch us forever. I joined the Club and am so glad I did. When I opened the envelope, I just stared, was not aware my eyes were full of tears of love, faith, truth, and Testimony. Three of my Grandkids that are members of The Church of Jesus Christ and they were blown away! Their ages are 19, 17, almost 16. My finding these beautiful cards were inspired while my prayers wished for wisdom and help to inspire Strength of Spirit for learning how these true Heros have shaped our lives. Plus, one every month will go to a four-year-old that is a Hero to me. He developed tumors on his spine and brain. This little-big-man went through it all and now they say the Cancer is gone but now will be 5 weeks at Primary Children’s Hospital in Utah, for a bone marrow transplant. I thought of him as a Hero and your perfect cards a great thing too show real hero’s of Christ are there for him to see and collect. Just to see that Scripture shows that these men and women have left this Earth doing what God the Father and His only Begotten son gave us all as examples to follow. I am so grateful to all involved. God Bless you and thank you. Getting “The 3 Nephites” was the perfect one to start with. i have sent this to everyone and they are excited. You made the best choice for your talent. My heart is full.

    Sue Bonner
  • I am a mom, and I am a gamer. I know, it’s kind of unusual, but there ya have it! I was having a really hard time after my first child was born creating a balance between gaming and dealing with a newborn. It was getting to the point where I would sometimes choose to level my character instead of playing with my baby. One day I was walking through an lds bookstore in the mall looking for some christmas presents when I saw a huge poster of Mary with those piercing blue eyes. She seemed to see straight into my soul, and right next to her was a picture of a ranger kneeling in prayer. I play an archer-class character and it was as if my character had come to life in Enos and been put in the act of prayer. Putting video game graphics and a religious figure that I really relate to together just blew me away, and the caption “Who is your hero” made me start bawling right there in the store. I knew that I was focusing on a hero that didn’t exist when I should be emulating REAL heroes and taking better care of my daughter. I still love to play video games, but I have a picture of Ruth hanging in my computer room to remind me that the kind of person I really want to be, and who the real heroes are.

    Desire G
  • I have been purchasing the Real Hero posters for my seminary classes since they came out. My students absolutely love them. Well- so do I- what I do twice a year in my class is auction the poster off with our seminary money that the students earn by reading memorizing and participation. Needless to say by the end of the year my walls are bare- their rooms at home are full!

    Nancy Leese
  • Several years ago when my sons were in high school, they told me about these posters that they saw when they were with shopping with my mother. They wanted to get them for their bedroom. I wasn’t too excited about them having posters in their bedroom and brushed them off.

    Not too long after, my mother showed up with a poster for each boy. They were thrilled. I wasn’t. I told them to keep the protective wrapping on them so that they didn’t get ruined before I could get frames for them. If they were going to hang a poster, at least I could try to make them look nice.

    I finally got around to purchasing frames and was I ever surprised when they pulled the plastic off of the posters and unrolled them. They were wonderful! I loved the artwork and the message!

    Fast forward several years. My oldest son just returned from his mission and my second son just left to serve his. As we were making preparations for the second son to leave, I said to the boys, “Now that you are older, you probably don’t want your ‘Hero’ posters. I was thinking about lining the family room with them.” That idea was shot down quickly! My second son made me promise to leave them hanging in his room while he was gone.

    Needless to say, the two posters multiplied to four and then six as they line the walls of the boys’ bed room. One day, I was laughing as the younger of my two sons was recounting the story of Abinadi. My daughter walked in and asked who he was talking about. My oldest piped up and said, “The ripped old guy in my bedroom.” I had to go look, but sure enough, Abinadi looks to be in pretty good shape in the poster!

    My boys chose, Army of Helaman, Abinadi, Samuel the Lamanite, David and Goliath, Captain Moroni, and Enos.

    My daughter has Esther hanging on her wall, my other daughter chose to have the Young Women Values Card Set. She uses them in her scriptures as book marks.

    Thank you so much for making such a worthy product. We love them! Can you imagine the positive effect if every young man (or woman) had this influence hanging on the walls of his bedroom? My sons searched the scriptures reading about the different Heroes depicted as they chose which ones they wanted in their bedroom. Amazing!

    Thank you, thank you!


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