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Julie J., Utah

Several years ago when my sons were in high school, they told me about these posters that they saw when they were with shopping with my mother.  They wanted to get them for their bedroom.  I wasn’t too excited about them having posters in their bedroom and brushed them off.

Not too long after, my mother showed up with a poster for each boy.  They were thrilled.  I wasn’t.  I told them to keep the protective wrapping on them so that they didn’t get ruined before I could get frames for them.  If they were going to hang a poster, at least I could try to make them look nice.

I finally got around to purchasing frames and was I ever surprised when they pulled the plastic off of the posters and unrolled them.  They were wonderful!  I loved the artwork and the message!

Fast forward several years.  My oldest son just returned from his mission and my second son just left to serve his.  As we were making preparations for the second son to leave, I said to the boys, “Now that you are older, you probably don’t want your ‘Hero’ posters.  I was thinking about lining the family room with them.”  That idea was shot down quickly!  My second son made me promise to leave them hanging in his room while he was gone. 

Needless to say, the two posters multiplied to four and then six as they line the walls of the boys’ bed room.  One day, I was laughing as the younger of my two sons was recounting the story of Abinadi.  My daughter walked in and asked who he was talking about.  My oldest piped up and said, “The ripped old guy in my bedroom.”  I had to go look, but sure enough, Abinadi looks to be in pretty good shape in the poster! 

My boys chose, Army of Helaman, Abinadi,  Samuel the Lamanite, David and Goliath, Captain Moroni, and Enos.

My daughter has Esther hanging on her wall, my other daughter chose to have the Young Women Values Card Set.  She uses them in her scriptures as book marks.

Thank you so much for making such a worthy product.  We love them!  Can you imagine the positive effect if every young man (or woman) had this influence hanging on the walls of his bedroom?  My sons searched the scriptures reading about the different Heroes depicted as they chose which ones they wanted in their bedroom.  Amazing!

Thank you, thank you! 

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