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Laura H., Utah

I saw your posters years ago at a county fair.  I was so impressed by the art work and I just knew my son would love them too.  There was just so many to choose from! I couldn't decide. So I bought a couple to put up in his room.

Later, when the medium sized sets became available I was so excited to be able to purchase all of the artwork for my son to have. Again I couldn't decide which to choose from so I bought both the Book of Mormon and Bible sets.  I decided I wanted them to be cherished and not destroyed so I took them to the store to have them all laminated.  I had decided to give them for a gift to my son for Christmas that year.

That year was 2012, when the first presidency came out with the change in the missionary age, to the age of 18. I soon realized that my son would be leaving in less then a year to serve a mission and he would love these cards.  When I pulled them out to wrap them up for Christmas, I realized there were exactly 24 cards between the two sets, the exact number of months my son would be away serving the Lord, and a new thought came to my mind.... I decided to save the cards and would send him one each month while he was away.

My son left for his mission in July 2013, to Birmingham, England.  I started my "hero letters" with the first one secretly stashed in his backpack for the airport. I didn't tell him beforehand what my intentions were but explained in the letter, that each month I would pick one of the "hero cards" and mail it to him, signaling another month he was out on his mission, and when the cards would be gone he would again return to me.

It has been a great uplifting time.  I have been pondering each month his emails and have tried to tie a specific "hero" to what challenge or trial he may be facing at the time. At first I thought he would think the idea was kind of “cheesy."  But he has told me over and over how the cards have always seemed to come right at the right moment, with just what he needed to know.

My son will complete his mission next month, and I will mail off the final "hero card" to him.  I am glad that these cards have been a small reminder to him and also to me to find comfort in the gospel and the examples that have come before us. Thank you for making the beautiful images become more "real" to us!  My son and I will always cherish the bond that has grown between us because of the "hero letters."

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