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Desire G., Arkansas

I am a mom, and I am a gamer. I know, it's kind of unusual, but there ya have it! I was having a really hard time after my first child was born creating a balance between gaming and dealing with a newborn. It was getting to the point where I would sometimes choose to level my character instead of playing with my baby. One day I was walking through an lds bookstore in the mall looking for some christmas presents when I saw a huge poster of Mary with those piercing blue eyes. She seemed to see straight into my soul, and right next to her was a picture of a ranger kneeling in prayer. I play an archer-class character and it was as if my character had come to life in Enos and been put in the act of prayer. Putting video game graphics and a religious figure that I really relate to together just blew me away, and the caption "Who is your hero" made me start bawling right there in the store. I knew that I was focusing on a hero that didn't exist when I should be emulating REAL heroes and taking better care of my daughter. I still love to play video games, but I have a picture of Ruth hanging in my computer room to remind me that the kind of person I really want to be, and who the real heroes are.

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