Nephi's Wife - Jan 2020
Nephi's Wife - Jan 2020
Nephi's Wife - Jan 2020
Nephi's Wife - Jan 2020

Nephi's Wife - Jan 2020

The Book of Mormon
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Nephi's Wife | Circa 590 B.C. | The Book of Mormon

-High quality offset print
-Coloring page available
-Great inspirational gift
-Scriptures cited on print

Artist's Thoughts
While we often hear of the struggles of Nephi being tied up and severely mistreated by his brothers, it is easy to miss the collateral damage to those that loved him most. Not only was his immediate family suffering the perils of the raging storm but they also had to witness their beloved husband, father, brother and son being mercilessly tortured. In 1 Nephi 18:19, Nephi writes how the “tears and prayers” of his wife and children did not soften the hearts of his wicked brothers. How often do we get discouraged because we feel our prayers are not being answered? How often do we lose faith that we can make it through our dark storms? Nephi’s wife is a wonderful example of not losing faith and being the rock and strength for her family even in the midst of a moment that seemed her Heavenly Father was not there for her. I am certainly grateful for the women in my life that provide that same faith, strength and clarity of purpose.

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