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  • At Real Hero Studios, Steve Nethercott releases brand new 5x7 scripture hero artwork every month and ships it out to all Real Hero Club subscribers. This year, all heroes will be from the Book of Mormon!
  • • Brand new scripture hero artwork created every month
  • • Automatically shipped to your address monthly
  • • This year's images all to be from the Book of Mormon
  • • Subscribe yourself, kids, grandkids, missionaries, family, or friends
  • • Includes free access to all scripture hero color pages
  • • Includes up to 40% discounts on website purchases
  • • Free shipping to anywhere in the world
  • • Easy cancellation at any time


Apostle Nephi - Sep 2020

Alma the Elder - Aug 2020

Commander Mormon - Jul 2020

Abish - Jun 2020

Alma & Amulek - May 2020

King Benjamin - March 2020

Lehi & Nephi - Feb 2020

Nephi's Wife - Jan 2020

Teancum - Dec 2019

Example Hero Card

Example coloring pages

(included free with subscription)

Example Hero Card opening

See what subscribers have to say


This is a fun, interactive way to keep my littles engaged and looking up to good people! Thanks for sharing your talent and your faith in a way that has blessed our family!

Jennifer M.

I love these. I buy 10 every month to give to the YW in our small ward. I send one to each of my three grand kids. These are a good way to share the Gospel little bits at a time.

Joe R.

We have been so much more diligent with our Come Follow Me study this year, getting a new card each month has been a blessing. These have taken a cherished place in our scriptures.

Monica C.

I bought these cards to use with my Seminary students for both visual and scriptural reference, as well as study help and games. So happy with my purchase. Keep them coming!


My 3yo grandson also has a very detailed recall of the scriptures specifically to those that we have been studying out through the illustrations on these real hero cards.

Jodi C.

These beautiful card and series are just as appropriate for us "old dogs"as they are for everyone else. I'm enjoying the incredible art and snippets of info on the back of the cards.

Haley L.

My kids (5, 7, 10) look forward to getting them in the mail every month and love the pictures. I love them because my kids spend hours pouring over them and the scriptures on the back.


Being a recent convert it is sometimes hard to know the stories and to help my children to understand, with these it helps with our studies and for us to know them better.

Kris K.

I receive 20 cards a month, which I give to the members of my youth Sunday School class. My goal is to help them find true heroes to emulate. These cards are precisely what I had hoped for.

Carrie M.

Artwork is beautiful.
Stories on back.
Great customer service!
Thank you!

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  • 5 copies/month Hero-Cards
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  • 10 copies/month Hero-Cards
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Anticipation to Read Scriptures 

Enjoy the anticipation of receiving a fresh new Real Hero image every month that you can add to your collection. Get excited to read the scriptures!

Support your loved ones

Subscribe your grandkids, kids, siblings, cousins, parents, or grandparents. Help them look forward to reading the scriptures!

No Hassle

You will receive every new Hero-Card without the hassle of ordering.

Free Coloring Pages

All "Color Your Hero" coloring pages are free for Real Hero Club members.

Great Missionary Gifts

Subscribe your missionary to receive scripture hero images from you! Easy address changing for transfers, or just send it to the mission home! A great monthly uplift and support.

Monthly Opportunity to Learn and Teach

These images are guaranteed to spark curiosity in Real Heroes. Please take the opportunity to review, learn, and teach the true stories on the back of each print!

Easy Cancellation 

Cancel anytime no questions asked. You are in control of your own Real Hero Club membership.

Makes it Possible For Future Artwork

By subscribing, you are making it possible for the artist to continue creating and promoting Real Heroes. It also makes it feasible to create heroes that wouldn’t otherwise be created.

Supplements 2020 “Come Follow Me”!

All images to be released in 2020 will be from the Book of Mormon. This compliments the “Come Follow Me” curriculum nicely.

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